State of Delaware



The crown. The mark of royalty. This symbol denotes a tavern with an overall excellence that exceeds the norm.

 The foamy mug marks a specific  feature that is noteworthy.

Normally when a bar goes out of business the location will never again house a tavern. Often the liquor license is sold to a distant entity.  The phoenix marks pubs that have defied the odds and reopened after having been silenced.

Not every pub that says its Irish is Irish but the ones that are and the ones that have great St Patrick's Day events will be identified with this brand.

The screw. The sign of gross injustice or disservice.  AmericanTom believes that people go to their local watering hole to escape their day to day grind and troubles.  In a way, servers and barkeeps are like actors - orchestrating a great play whose cast are their customers. Some of the things that can generate a screw are: great disparity between how regulars and visitors are treated, rudeness or utter incompetence.

Most businesses have a neutral attitude toward motorcyclists.   The HD logo marks taverns that openly welcome those who arrive on scooters.

Inflation sucks. It sucks away your buying power.  If you can still buy a beer for one dollar - you will see this sign.

Seafood is a class of food all by itself.  Clams have little competition - few foods are better when done well and few foods can cause more problems when improperly served. See the clam next to a bar's name and it shows where tasty clams have been enjoyed!

I like Reading, PA. In spite of being Pennsylvania's most dangerous city there are a lot of cool things to do here. One of the best is that "our" beer is back. You can have your big, national (and often foreign-owned) brands.        I  am happy that Old Gus has come home!  Taverns serving this delicious brew will have this icon.

Have a cold one on the deck!

1804 Newport Gap Pike
, Wilmington, DE  19808    302-892-2911


[6-2006]  Bald Stewey's rated and 'A' when I first saw the sign. I had to turn around and found this bar about 1/2 mile off the Kirkwood Highway.  I think it took me months and months to return because I was hoping it would e an awesome place and did not want to risk ruining that vision.

The time came to stop in on a mid-Friday morning. Surely, the Scottish piper on the sign would yield all sorts of interesting things on the inside - maybe even to include a fair young lass in a teeny plaid kilt skirt!

No such luck.  There were 4 patrons inside and all of them stopped to stare at me as if I was some sort of intruder. The barmaid was probably the beautiful homecoming queen many years ago.  Her bright blonde locks and chocolate-brown tan would probably be enough to classify her as pretty decent looking if she had the personality to match. Unfortunately my request for a beer seemed to almost be chore for her.

The owner of this establishment seemed to be quite involved in charity work as many certificates adorned the wall behind the bar. The dining room was large. The large sign announcing upcoming bands was empty of any tags. I'm sure this place could be fun with the right crowd. Too bad there isn't any Celtic decorations inside.


165 Hubbard Ave, Frederica (Bowers Beach), DE  
19946   302-335-4201


[6-2006]  Bowers Beach is a small fishing town that sits on the north side of the Murderkill River.  It has a fish store, tavern and seafood restaurant.  South Bowers is more a cluster of homes than a town and it sits on the south side of the river.

I recently stayed in a rental in South Bowers. I could walk to the channel and see the bar but couldn't get across without a boat. The bar was about 1500ft away but it took a 15min car drive to reach it.

The Bayview is a small pub and much of the talk inside is about fish and fishing. The air conditioning made the inside a haven from the days mugginess as I enjoyed my first $1.50 Lager draft. The room has many knick-knacks and your first half hour or so will probably be spent just looking around.

Everyone was friendly and I enjoyed listening to their tales of tides and storms and gathering clams. The funniest one was told by a guy who said he had just bought an overpriced clam rake from a local woman.  The first time he used it the head broke off. He retrieved it but she refused to give him his money back.  He chuckled as he said she will be getting it back anyway - prongs up and under her car tire!

I only had time for two beers but when I left all 5 people at the bar said goodbye and wished me well. The next time I am down here I will return and hang out and try their food. I suspect that I could learn a lot about the water and fishing just by sitting quietly over my beer and listening.


1119 Churchmans Rd   Newark, DE  
19713   302-456-5900



[3-2008]  I have been to the McLaren's up on 202 and found it to be a pretty decent place for being in a strip mall.  This one has the same look - a small storefront in a long mall.

Not entering with an expectation of hearing Irish music or seeing much of anything Irish (including a lass behind the bar) helps to prevent disappointment in most "Irish pubs".  Overall this seems like a nice enough bar jammed into a strip mall.

When I ordered a pint of Guinness the male bartender plopped the glass under the tap and pulled my pint - right up to the lip. In one fell swoop.  WTF?  In an "Irish Pub"???  I even ordered a 2nd one just to make sure I saw what I saw.  A crying shame.

Several young hotties were hanging around here.  I found the mystery boob shot on my camera.